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3-5-2: Possession Football

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    My main aim in Football Manager is to choose an average side and manage to develop it to become the best team in the game. And have I managed to do that? Yes, I have.
    After the release of the game, I've had many unsuccessful saves due to frail tactics. I've tried to develop an outstanding counter-attacking team without success, continuously. Then I thought I should try another type of football, and that's of course, possession football. And you know what they say, attack is the best form of defence.

    After minutes of thinking what team to choose, I eventually picked Feyenoord. I started with the 4-3-3 formation. I won the league and the cup in my first season, but I couldn't really keep alot of clean-sheets. I was still unsatisfied. I only outscored my opponent but I thought that could cause me alot of trouble in the Champions League, against the decent sides. So I tried a defensive 4-1-4-1 against bigger teams. Unfortunately, I failed again with trying to defend. Still, I tried it for another season and the one after it, stubbornly, so eager for it to work. But it didn't. And that's where I thought about the three at the back formation.

    Generally, when you think about a three at the back formation, you'd think about the space on the flanks the wingers could leave behind. But I thought I can work that out if I had the stamina and pace on the flanks.

    Attachment 811570

    The wide midfielders are key in this formation. If they don't have the stamina and pace, then your team is definitely going to be exploited on the flanks. And if your sided center-backs lack pace, then the longs ball will be very difficult to handle.

    - Sweeper Goalkeeper - Attack
    - The sided center-backs: Ball Playing Defenders - Defend. And the one in the middle is a normal center-back, which is used for cover.
    - Defensive Midfielder: Deep-lying Playmaker - Defend.
    - Wingers: Wide-Miedfelders - Attack.
    - Center Midfielders: Central Midfielder - Attack, and a Roaming Playmaker alongside.
    - The remaining two upfront: False Nine and a Complete Forward - Attack.

    Mentality: Control - Team Shape: Very Fluid

    Team Instructions: Retain Possession, Shorter Passing, Work Ball Into Box, Play Out of Defence, Exploit the Flanks, Play Narrower, Much Higher Defensive Line, Roam From Positions, Close Down Much More, Stay On Feet, Tighter Marking, Offside Trap, Prevent Short GK Distribution and a Much Lower Tempo.

    It's obvious that it's all about extreme high-pressing and retaining the ball within seconds. And I have absolutely managed to succeed at that.

    Here's a few pictures of how my team (red and white of course) takes it's defensive shape. Narrow with intense high pressure, and tight marking. The opposite team will definitely clear the ball as quickly as possible, or give a back pass which will eventually be cleared as well, and the ball will be easily retained.

    Attachment 811573

    Attachment 811576

    Attachment 811578

    And here's some pictures when attacking.

    Attachment 811579 Attachment 811584

    You can clearly see the player with the ball keeping hold of it until the opposite player leaves his position and also leaves a large gap behind him. My forwards have managed to force their defenders to drop deep and that's where my strikers do their work. My striker drops deep to get the ball and drags their center-back with him (second picture) and forces their left-back to cover for him which leaves my right wide midfielder unmarked and isolated on the flank. The off the ball movement is really important in this formation.

    Attachment 811586 Attachment 811588

    My achievements?

    10 years with Feyenoord: 9 Eredivisie Titles, 8 Dutch Cups, 8 Dutch Super Cups, 1 Europa League, 1 Champions League and 2 European Super Cups.

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  2. None of the attachments are showing for me. Any chance of re-posting your screens and tactic please I'm interested in seeing what you've created. Cheers

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