EDITOR - PLEASE HELP - Canadian League doesn't classify to Champions Cup

  1. EDITOR - PLEASE HELP - Canadian League doesn't classify to Champions Cup

    Hi guys.
    Actually my problem comes since from previous versions of FM. I created 3 divisions for an hypothetical canadian League, even with logos, and everything else, the way I wanted. However, when I do it, the canadian teams don't qualify for continental cup and I've got one more problem: the canadian cup is happening only once each two years instead of yearly. I spent many days to make this league and teams and I would really appreciate if someone could help to fix this issue on Editor.
    Thank you so much.
    Grande Cabra

  2. More info

    Needless to say that I tried to fix it many ways, but maybe cause I know how to use just the basic editor instead of the advanced, I can't really fix it. When I check CONCACAF Champions Cup, for example, I do see the canadian representative, but when the game starts, no Canadian team is there. Also for the Cup, I already tried everything I could but the canadian cup keeps having one year with no competition to be back next year. It's really annoying.

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