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FM16 Funny/Random Screenshot Thread

  1. FM16 Funny/Random Screenshot Thread

    This is the thread to put all your random or funny screenshots or videos, I will kick of proceedings just like I did last year, every year the Steam workshop integration gets better every year but this year is a whole other level!

    FM16 Funny/Random Screenshot Thread-fmm-steam-screen.png
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Bujakaa View Post
    Just wanted to stat this thread also. But being curius first time I started save with arsenal. Then Wenger stayed as DOF and made his recommendation he should have done in years...
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  3. I was pleased to see Wenger stay on as DoF when starting an arsenal save, he would normally stay in obscurity for a year then retire in previous FM's. Playing as another team he would always retire after the first 1/2 seasons, also (after winning CL in most cases ).

  4. I liked the Wenger as DoF touch, I may start a save with them eventually but as off right now I want to dominate Europe for a few years with Manchester City and won't stop until I have Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo in my team (when that happens, 1 more year then start new real long term save)

    Anyway, Guardiola got sacked and was replaced by Carlo Ancelloti (who has been fucking amazing at Bayern) and now Liverpool after sacking Jurgen Klopp have gone and done this: (in case you didn't notice, Josep Guardiola is about to become manager)

    EDIT: It's done. Liverpool have appointed Guardiola in charge of a middle-table team (in FM.. there fucking atrocious - never finish above 10th in my saves)

  5. All those first day draws

    FM16 Funny/Random Screenshot Thread-84ea489ee0e1e12a5d1ec753aab4c3d6.png
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  6. I made my manager bald whilst tweaking him and realised that I realised that I had accidentally created a fairly decent Henry lookalike.

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  7. With the state FIFA is in I found this amusing.

    FM16 Funny/Random Screenshot Thread-capture.png.69ac47ff2fb996f7c3c36794fd0ce75d.png
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by IanC View Post
    With the state FIFA is in I found this amusing.

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    Nice one. At what date was that announced?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    Nice one. At what date was that announced?
    It's usually August 2017 from what I have read, which I am approaching so I will let you know in this thread if I remember
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    Erm what the fuck is that? £14m for a Mesut Ozil in his prime in just 2017? I don't even want to sign him because that is so fucked up it's cheating.


    P.S. It is the 30th June 2017 that it changed for me.
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