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  1. I'm late to the FM16 party (or is wake more apt?) because I thought FM14 was so bad that I gave up for a couple of years. I missed it and tried the 17 demo, and it was just awful, so tried 16.

    1.So far I've listed a player for loan, accepted offers then have him demand a transfer because I didn't include him in my Champions League squad.
    2.Whenever I try to buy a player, I'm expected to pay 4 times his value, but I've just had an offer of quarter the value of a potential 4.5 star full back. I then had him complain that I didn't let him move. At the same time I got an offer of half the value of an experienced international full back.
    3.I'm playing with wingers who refuse to cross the ball. It's always stop, cut back for a midfielder to kick it off the closest defender. Before anyone says crap wingers, they are 14 for crossing. I think pretty much anytime they cross, I've scored, but they refuse to do it even when in yards of space.
    4.I've just completed a game where I had FOURTEEN shots blocked.
    5.I played 6 Champions League qualifying matches and had first half red cards in 3 of those games despite not being on hard tackling.

  2. Upload new logo!

    Hey guys, please help!

    I have in graphics folder with all logos on the world, but in that folder i don't have some logo from my amateur league in Montenegro. I download that logo from internet in png (make left, right, small and normal) rename on Unique ID of that club, type on config in every folder, and i can't see that logo on my club in the game.
    Please if someone know that problem and how can i upload some logo, please help me!

    Thank you!

  3. Lost to Dinamo Kiev with Sha Donetsk 5:0, good thing is that I save and relaod .

  4. Post your frustration/rage-9jdzpua.png

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