Maximum wage

  1. Maximum wage

    Hi could anybody tell me if it's possible to increase the maximum wage you are allowed to offer a player and how you can do this please??

    For example at Arsenal the maximum wage you can offer is £150k.

    I know Arsenal are very shrewd with their finances but that is still rather short when trying to sign a real marquee player, Pogba in this instance.


  2. Board request, my friend :-)

  3. I thought that but couldn't see the option??

    I did notice though if you try to offer Sanchez a new deal you can offer him up to £325k??

  4. Just had a look myself and i make you right, guess i was thinking of increasing staff wages as opposed to just player wage budgets.

    I guess it has to do with the stature of your club, ambition/competitions and board expectations aswell as income generated..?

  5. Move your transfer budget into wage budget.

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