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  1. And for kicks, since I decided to save the one goal on YouTube.... Here is Andrei Ivan scoring the second goal on what I think is a really nice passing sequence.



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  3. Back to back promotions with Wigan, beat Villa in the Championship playoff final 1-0.
    First year back in the big time and signed Lucas Moura, Michy Batshuiai and Marco Asensio
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  4. My high promising young goalkeeper that came thru the youth academy at Lokomotiv Moscow has been dubbed the new Lev Yashin. Hell yes.

  5. Havin so many great players as your staff members is great

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  6. Not seen this before - though it does mean that I now have no reason not to win the Championship...

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  7. Not really a success.... yet. But still quite happy. So about to start the third season in my Lokomotiv Moscow save. The club doesn't start with a lot of great prospects - there are really only two who aren't in the first team who could potentially develop. The foreign player rules in Russia make developing Russian youngsters pretty vital. The two are both 18 to start and nowhere near starting caliber. They have the same potential, which is decent (for Russia) but nothing special. I intended to develop them in previous saves but kinda faltered. In watcher games, the AI has utterly failed to develop other - loaning them out to low level clubs and they usually just end up released and retiring.

    I developed one of them as a DM, retraining the other as a CM. The DM appeared 16 times for the main team through the first two seasons, plus some cup matches. He was often the weak link but he never performed horribly. He was tutored repeatedly. The contract of my 30 year old primary DM was coming up at the end of season 2 and I decided to take a risk and not resign him. Good player but not outstanding. I'm going to give the young player a chance. He's 20 now and he's developed quite well - his CA has gone up 30 points. I'm hoping by playing quite frequently, he'll continue that development. I've been tempted to buy another DM, as there is 40m in the transfer fund (now 70m) but I've held off. It could end up hurting me in the Champions League but if you're gonna commit to youth....

    Similarly, I let my 30 year old starting GK leave for a relatively pittance to give the reigns to my 19 year old regen. The kid I mentioned is "the new Lev Yashin". He was already starting every second match, so.... He's listed as a Wonderkid now. So is an Algerian CM, so I had 3 Wonderkids until Atletico came in with a massive offer for Andrei Ivan.
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  8. Post your successes-screen-shot-2016-09-28-17.37.47.pngPost your successes-screen-shot-2016-09-28-17.38.38.pngPost your successes-screen-shot-2016-09-28-17.39.22.pngPost your successes-screen-shot-2016-09-28-17.38.10.pngPost your successes-screen-shot-2016-09-28-17.38.25.png

    First season with Real Sociedad, two stand out players in Silvan Widmer and Lukasz Teodorczyk. Scraped the league on the last day but hey it still counts haha
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  9. Not posting this as a true success, as it was definitely tainted on several levels. More of a "well, this was fun" thing. But won the Champions League in the second season. With Vitesse Arnhem. Not really, but sorta.

    It was a "for fun" game since I knew it wouldn't last long, with FM17 coming out. Its with pr0's transfer update, which gives them a potential wonderkid player, plus I had to create the Japanese international leftback they signed in the winter which SI somehow missed (and he's likely a bit overpowered). Added a couple of players and walked the league in the first season - not so hard in the Eredivisie with a decent tactic. Did the same thing in the second season. Heavily reliant on young players - the primary right winger was just 15 at the start, turned 16 early in the first season, and has been a constant starter. The rightback is just a year older. Despite the success in Holland, I didn't have much for expectations in the Champions League. Like with Lokomotiv Moscow, I figured I would do well to finish third and get a reasonable run in the Europa League. But with the Loko saves, I also saw what a solid tactic and a settled side with high morale can do.

    Group Stage was Arsenal, PSG, and Dynamo Kiev. Ended up topping it. Kiev wasn't that strong (active league, though). PSG was a home draw and an away win. Arsenal was the decider. Pretty sure I replayed the one match with Arsenal - part of why this is tainted, not legit. I think it only would have made the difference between finishing 1st or 2nd in the group, and I don't recall why I replayed it. Wasn't just cuz of a loss, because not really any shame in losing to Arsenal when you are a Dutch club, let alone a smaller one. Finishing first in the group theoretically made the first knockout round easier but I got one of the harder sides, considering a few of the clubs who made it through the Group Stages. I drew Wolfsburg. I replayed the first leg against them, but not intentionally - game was accidentally closed. And the first result was better - think it was 2-0 or 3-0 away, but the second time was 2-1. Home draw and through. Then Man City, defending champions. Same thing, away first leg with a narrow win, draw in the return leg. Through. War of words with Guardiola won, too. Juventus in the semi final. Basically the same thing - though I think it was 2-2 away, 1-1 at home, and through on away goals. Barcelona beat Real Madrid in the other semi final. So my little squad of kids is playing Barcelona. I use the same approach as I have been - which is just dropping the Mentality of the tactic from Standard to Counter. Instant Result... 3-0 loss. Could have been worse. For fun, I replay it.... and win on penalties after 0-0 through extra time. So like I said, tainted and not legit. But unlikely and amusing at the same time.
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  10. CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE with 106 Points

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    I have just completed season 2026/27. Last summer, I took over the newly-relegated Aston Villa. As happened earlier in my save when I was at Everton, the majority of the squad that had taken the club down wanted to leave and I decided to let them all go, rake in as much money as possible and re-build while also attempting to win promotion back to the Championship at the first attempt. I did more business in January then I have ever done before, so the outgoings and incomings were split between the close season and the mid-season transfer window, but I have ended the season with only five players who were already here when I arrived - and one of them only made two substitute appearances.

    We won the Championship title with 6 matches to spare, and ended the season with 106 points. I have a large squad with a relatively low average age and plenty of money in the transfer and wage budgets to consolidate our position in the Premier League next season. My only issue is that I will now have to concentrate on bringing in homegrown players to suit Premier League rules, which will be difficult given how important those players are to their existing clubs and the interest being shown in some of them by bigger clubs.

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    The good thing about rebuilding a big club at Championship level, ready to take them back up to the top flight, is that you get to build the team in your own image. By that, I mean that I know I prefer the 4-3-3 with Wingers, 4-4-2 with False-9 and 4-4-1-1 with Shadow Striker formations so I can sell all of the existing players and replace them with players who will operate in the roles that suit those set-ups. None of my formations require an Enganche or an Advanced Playmaker in the No.10 position; I just sign players who fit my way of playing. In this journeyman save which began at Southampton and has taken me to the US, France (twice), Italy and four different clubs in the Championship, as well as a short stint in charge of the England U21s, there are a whole group of players that I have signed for two or even three different clubs, including four or five in this Villa squad.

    Improvements to our Youth Facilities are already underway and my aim is to establish Aston Villa in the Premier League and to go on and win it and challenge for the European Champions' Cup.

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  11. Below are some screenshots of my success with Everton over twelve years, possibly my longest ever save actually! Was so buzzing with that transfer income haha

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  12. San Marino and won:
    2016 Serie D and Poole Scudeto
    2017 Serie C
    2018 Serie B
    2020 Italian Cup
    2021 Italian Cup
    2022 Serie A and Italian Cup

    Then the save got broken with all italian senior leagues vanishing in 2022/2023 season....go figure.
    I have a video about it on the rantings post

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