Optional Contract Extension By Club?

  1. Optional Contract Extension By Club?

    As you can see in the screenshot below I've added an Optional Contract Extension clause for several of my players. Does anyone know why I can't activate any of them? One of my players (Marco Aubonney) his contract runs out in 2020 (year is 2018 now), there's an Optional Contract Extension in place, yet I can't activate it. Anyone have the same problem / know the solution?


  2. Think you can only extend it in the last year.

  3. Hmm alright let's hope that's the case. I always thought it was possible to activate at any given time during the contract. That's also what the FM guide says.

  4. Also had this problem once. I just played on and a few months later, I was able to trigger the extension

  5. Same here. Thanks. Still a bit strange, but I'm glad I could activate the clauses

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