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Midfield Pairs and Victor Wanyama

  1. Midfield Pairs and Victor Wanyama

    Over the last few years I have always used 3 players in cm, either in an attacking or defensive triangle, with one of each duty Attack, Support and Defend.

    This year I'm experimenting with a 4-4-2 or possibly a 4-4-1-1 with a shadow striker, either way there is only 2 traditional cms in the middle. My question is what role and duty should the two be to strike a balance between defence and attack and avoid the midfield being overrun? Currently testing one B2B and one on defend duty as I need to cover an attacking fullback, would a DLP work?

    As a side has anybody ever used Wanyama as a B2B? Initially the obvious thing is to place Wanyama as the player with defend duty but then I noticed his PPMs are very favourable to the B2B position such as "gets into opposition area" and I felt his natural role as BWM would leave gaps even with a Defend duty?

    Any thoughts on my musings would be much appreciated, thanks.

  2. You're right about BWM leaving gaps. But take note that B2B is also expected to close down religiously and may leave similar gaps, or more, especially since a B2B is not expected to sit deep but break into the box to support attacking play.

    I think a 4-4-2 requires more disciplined midfielders (in terms of defensive positioning and closing down). There will be plenty of gaps to exploit in midfield in a 4-4-2 so your central midfielders really need to be disciplined enough not to leave their stations. You still have the 2nd striker/AMC to support the forward so I don't think it's necessary to play a central midfielder in an attack/support duty. Maybe CM(d) and DLP(d)/(s). Let the wingers and forwards do the attacking

  3. Thanks! Will give this a go and see if my attacking play suffers.

    I have one of my "wide" players drifting in, a wide playmaker and then allowing the fullback to overlap. Does this make a difference as in theory he should provide an additonal man in the middle?

  4. Have a read through here if you haven't already: Pairs & Combinations FM2015

    It's for FM 15 but still highly relevant.
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