1. Bournemouth

    Hey guys,

    I have a great game going with Derby im not doing great but should make the playoffs in first year.

    Reading through other manager stories they seem to be mid to high level Premier league stories or the Polar opposite. When I was deciding who to be it was tough between Derby, Forest and Bournemouth.

    If anyone has had a go with Bournemouth how has it been, if you managed to stay up does it feel more like a sugar daddy in the second year?

  2. I'm having a go with them, going well so far. Made some really nice, cheap signings, tactics are working very well. There's plenty of money to spend (about 6mill) to begin with, that's if your clever with who you buy - I've bought Romero and loads of Scandinavian players.
    I'm sitting in 4th place at the beginning of January.
    Their front 3 of Atsu, Wilson and Ritchie is really effective.

  3. I just started a game with them, still in pre-season

  4. Nice - good work on the postiion in January. Will be interesting to see an update at the end of the year/new season to see if the money starts flying in.

    Must be room for a new stadium.

  5. how do you get it soo the players don't start off injured would love to know

  6. editior

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