Best Countries for For Gaining a Work Permit - Please Help ASAP

  1. Best Countries for For Gaining a Work Permit - Please Help ASAP

    Which countries have the shortest time for gaining a work permit for a foreign player.

    I have bought a few young wonderkids and need an affiliate club

    I am playing as Manchester United and my options are

    AJ Auxerre - France
    Lokamotiv Plodid - Bulgaria
    Botev Plodid - Bulgaria
    Helsingborg - Sweden
    Teplice - Czech Republic

    Please Help ASAP

  2. click on a foreign player in each squad, his days to qualify number will be in his natinonality panel. I guess sweden from that lot

  3. France - 1825 days
    Czech Republic - 1825 Days
    Bulgaria - 1095 days
    Sweden - 1825 days

    So i guess I choose one of the Bulgarian teams

  4. I chose Botev Plodid - Bulgaria

    Also does anyone know how long it takes to get a work permit from a team in Belarus. Had an offer for one of my players who needs a work permit

  5. Afternoon guys,

    I am able to request a specific feeder club. The above post says that it only takes 3 years to get a work permit for a club from Bulgaria.

    Are there any countries that only need 2 years?

    Or what other countries need 3 years?

  6. Poland, Blegium and Croatian.

    Blegium and croatia you ahve to have the basic language though.

  7. Poland is giving me a five year requirement

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