Unable to make money making friendlies

  1. Unable to make money making friendlies

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone else has experienced this on fm 16. I'm playing as bath city and I'm trying the tactic of playing as many pre season friendlies against bigger reputation teams in a league format. I've noticed that at the end of the league format a squad payout from the profit always seems to happen so instead of maybe making a cheeky 2.5 Mil I'm lucky to break even and in the long run be out of pocket. I'm assuming that the game has tightened up on making easy money like that. Any help much appreciated.

  2. when arranging your friendly matches...arrange a 3 match league against prem teams...create 3 of these..they will be on telly and you will get the TV money too...and they must be at home

  3. Thats what I have done. I have noticed in the expenditure section that other takes a lot of money. Is it that my Chairman is lining his own pockets A La Mike Ashley??

  4. possibly. You also need to take into account how much money the other team is taking. I find that away friendlies are more profitable nowadays

  5. Not only that, but for you to host a game, you need security, officials, etc so there are expenses too.

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