Training a new position??

  1. Training a new position??

    Is there a way to train a player in a new position? I have my Assistant manager set to give individual instructions as i don't really like dealing with that. When I set a player to train something and then switch my assistant manager back on he changes what I just set. Is there a way around this?

  2. Go to the player you want to train in a new position, go to the development tab, click "start training for new position" and choose what position you want to train him in

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    Also, in right click menu training->position training->the position you want->role you want.

  4. you have the assistant in charge of individual training then it seems, go to staff, reponsibilities and you'll find it there.

    new position training you just gotta make the player train in that position from individual training, it changed since fm15

  5. Sort of a different question but follows on. I've been training a couple of regens in new positions for ages (also been playing them in the new positions) but they cant seem to get beyond 'Competent'. Are others finding it taking ages as well??

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