Divock Origi

  1. Divock Origi

    Has anyone had any luck with him? I bought him for 18m in season 3 and in season 4 he won World Player of the year scoring 46 goals in 47 games. Playing him as a complete forward in a 442 formation. Haven't found a better striker than him in the game yet

  2. Became a legend on my save, only got him or 7.5m as well. Got around 150 goals in 250 games for me.

  3. Sold him in my liverpool save. Already got Dybala, Sturridge and Ings, so he really wasn't needed. He didn't grow very well either.

    Even though I'm starting to re-think that decision now that I see your stories.

  4. Having some bids from Bayern Munich and Chelsea for 50m+ and I'm not sure whether to accept or not

  5. He scored 10 for me in the first season (as Liverpool) playing as either a lone CF or a right-side IF. I think with enough playing time he could go on to do very well and I'll be trying to keep him.

  6. Regularly pick him up for loan. He's pretty decent. Wrong part of the forum btw

  7. I am 3 years in, he hasn't grown that much and he has just been purchased by Koln.

  8. Tremendous in game! On 16.3, 1st season I loaned him to Bournemouth, and he kept them in the hunt for European football.. They finished 7th or 8th iirc, and narrowly missed out from the EL spot..

    After returning, and the first few games he was underwhelming, so much so that I considered selling him.. but only getting bids of about $30m, I decided to hang on to him for another season at least..
    After first few games I benched him, after which he has been a revelation!
    Has scored 15 goals and 2 assists in 12(4) games for me so far- in the league alone by January end. Leading scorer in the league, but unfortunately, just got injured in the last game and out for 4-5 months, his season is over!

    As a TQ up front, he's been great!

  9. He's very good as Advanced Forward and as Complete Forward too, I'm playing with Liverpool and he's been doing just great, scoring for fun

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