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Building a new stadium help

  1. Building a new stadium help

    I'm in 2028 with Portsmouth, i've won the league three times and champions league twice. I fill the stands out every game. For the last 3 years i keep asking for a new stadium, the board say no as we don't have a big enough fan base. They finally say yes after giving them an ultimatum but the council block it. Will I ever get to build a new stadium or is it going to get blocked every time? Also how do I get a bigger fan base? Sorry for the long message

  2. the fan base is directly associated to the club's reputation
    so in short to have a bigger fan base you'll have to raise you're reputation
    to do that you need : win competition (which you already did obviously),try to get an affiliate club 4 commercial purpose in china,USA,or japan (i recommend these 3),try to go on tour around the world 4 friendly's (if you can't just play friendlies against a very good teams in other countries,new york city maybe...)
    if you can sign players who have a high reputation (it doesn't matter if their old,just like Qatar and UAE are doing,just don't go too high with the wages)
    but you said you won CL 2 times and the BPL 3 times i honestly think that you're rep should be very high right now !
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  3. OK thanks thats very helpful

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