Leeds Story - First Ever Post

  1. Leeds Story - First Ever Post

    Hello everyone,

    I was reading a few football manager stories and thought it would be good to start one myself as my first ever post.

    I will be posting various parts to this over the next week or so, probably break it down into pre-season and then post after every 10-15 games.

    I have had reasonable success in Fm16, most recently with Hartlepool bringing them to 8th in the premiership in 6 seasons but I never really felt, in any of my saves to date, that I had full control over the tactic or match results so hopefully as part of this story, I can get constructive feedback which may help me understand the tactical element and match engine a little more.

    I decided to start in the english championship and using the pick random team functionality, Leeds was the first team I landed on in the English championship.

    Having looked through the squad, I noticed a lot of younger players with great potential and a core of 5-6 players who I could build a promotion challenge around however there was a severe lack in squad depth outside the top 13-15 players
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  2. Pre Season - Post 1

    1. Formation

    Leeds have a great selection of centre midfielders already in the squad and two great wing backs on other side so I decided I wanted to build something around a 5-3-2 formation given the options existing in the squad already. I always try to play possession football but have never tried it along with wing backs and a 532 base, so not sure how this will work but I can tweak as the season goes on.

    2. Key Players

    Goalkeepers - Clear number 1 in Marco Sylvestri. Not 100% convinced with his goalkeeping stats but I think given the lack of transfer budget, I will start the season with him and watch closely and can maybe make a change in january depending on funds. Ross Turnbull will be used as number 2.

    Central Defenders - As I intend to use 3 centre backs, I am probably a bit short here, so will look to add 1 more if possible. There are 2 clear stand out players - Giuseppe Bellusci who has the stats to really excel in the championship and higher and Sol Bamber who's got great composure, is tall, decent speed and good defensive stats.

    The first choice third spot is between Scott Wootton and Liam Cooper. Initially based on the stats, Cooper, although he has bad composure and concentration, the rest of his defensive stats are pretty solid, so he will start the season as the third centre back. Beyond these 4, there are a few talented younger centre backs but realistically they aren't ready for the first team, so I will definitely have to add at least 1 additional centre back.

    Wing Backs - A key part to the 532 formation. I plan to use them in a more attacking way so expect them to have good crossing, dribbling, positioning and stamina and of course good defensive stats will be a big bonus! Luckily I have Sam Byram and Charlie Taylor who have both got excellent stats for this role and are young enough to improve much more. Beyond these there's Gaetano Berardi who can play both wingback roles (left and right) but as he is right footed I would prefer to keep him on the right, so I will need to bring in cover for left wingback.

    Central Midfielders - Leeds are blessed with a lot of talented central midfielders and as mentioned above this is part of the reason I wanted to play 3 in the middle - so i can play 3 in every match. Alex Mowatt and Lewis Cook are the clear stars in this area and if the game progresses as I expect them to, then these guys will become key players in the premiership. Tom Adeyemi on loan is another great option, probably more defensively based but will become useful as the season progresses. Casper Sloth and Luke Murphy complete the options in the existing squad who i believe are ready for the first team, however, Murphy is priced at 4.7million and his stats do not impress me as much as Mowatt and Cook. Given he would be used in a similar role, I may look to sell him and strengthen with a more rounded box to box midfielder. Finally, there are a couple of other young midfielders who have great potential but probably not ready for this season. Transfer wise it looks like I will sell Murphy and bring in 1-2 more rounded midfielders.

  3. Good start mate, but I'd suggest posting this in the FM16 Stories section, you will get more exposure there

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  4. Pre Season - Post 3

    Forwards - Possibly the weakest part of the team. Realistically there are only 4 strikers ready for the first team. Mulheron could be a great prospect but I don't think he is ready. It looks like Chris Wood could be the key player here. He's tall, got good jumping reach and heading ability and great strength. I don't usually tend to use players like this but his abilities might actually suit the wing backs.

    Mirco Antenucci is possibly the next best striker and looks to have the stats to be a smaller more creative player who could thrive beside a big man.

    Lee Erwin is next and looks to have decent enough striker stats - fast, good dribbling finishing, passing and workmate. Possibly third choice.

  5. Thanks! Will move it there now, didn't know it existed!

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