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Love FM..but no time to play it?

  1. Love FM..but no time to play it?

    So as the title suggests, I work a lot which leaves me next to no time to play FM..which is a darn shame!

    Wondering how the rest of you addicts keep up the FM stories and such when working full time?

    Man, how I miss university life...a lot more free time to enjoy FM
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  2. Have you tried FMT on tablet or ipad? Can even play it on the go.
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  3. I'm hearing you mate. I'm a long time out of Uni but this year I've found it especially hard to find playing time, which has made doing a story such a chore as I pretty much have to chose between playing & updating.

    I have however enjoyed the chairman game I'm involved in & things like that which can be enjoyed with reasonably little time commitment.

    Of course, whenever the chance arises, I still like to push the real world to the side for a little while & get stuck into some good old fashioned club micro-management. Unfortunately those opportunities seem fairly rare now days. Damn life! Always getting in the way of FM!
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  4. Play the classic version or football manager touch. Streamlined and created exactly for people like you

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