Loan Problems

  1. Loan Problems

    I'm Man United a few years in (2019 maybe) and I bought this wonderkid who is aged at 19. Derby come in with a loan offer and said he would be a 'Key Player'.

    I thought that would be ideal as they are in the Premier League and he would be playing a lot.

    So he goes off to Derby, all looks good on the loan reports of his matches until I read them properly, he's being used in Derby under 18's!

    As it was outside of the transfer window I couldn't recall him.

    So I click on Derby and go to their manager, a certain Mr John Terry and assertively tell him that he isn't using the player as agreed. Hes blabs on that the player isn't good enough (why loan him then?) and says that I can't dictate how he runs his team.

    Now my player is stuck there in the under 18s with worse coaches than I have and I probably would have used him in the first team now and again.

    Is there anything else I can do? Has this happened to anyone else?

  2. Player probably had a good run of form for you and that form sorta "reset" when he went to Derby, it is a game after all :p

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  3. Not much you can do apart from recall ASAP (if possible) and never loan players to them again, unfortunately.

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