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    I have a few questions I was hoping you could help me with and thought I would consolidate them into one thread.

    1. I like to scour the market for players that are usually not very well known but go on to be a success, usually at Premier League and Championship level.

    I want to improve my chances of searching deep into the market without completely overheating my computer and slowing down the game.

    How do you reccomenders getting the most out of the database without impacting performance?

    2. I'm quite interested to see how people play the game. Most specifically that initial period of taking over a club. Within that period how you deal with (scouting, staff, pretty season, training, transfers, board requests and contracts).

    3. What third party downloads are you using such as kit and face packs etc...

    Thanks for the help

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  2. First thing I personally do at any club is sort the staff and coaching out! Make sure the training is covered well enough for the level of the club.

    Then asses the squad fully and remove deadwood and bring in my own scouted lads! Always add non licensed kit and badges aswell

  3. For me, I usually start in either the second or third division of any country, so I am a bit more limited on my choices. These are done in like the first three days of gameplay.

    1. Check my staffers. Usually I keep most of them except the absolutely atrocious ones because of limited budget, and try to get it 3.5/4 stars for most training until I move up the leagues.

    2. Deadwood. Quick scan of team on deadwood. Most likely have quite a few of them. I try to get rid of them (especially those with huge wages). Those with low wages, I might use as backup.

    3. Scout for loan and free transfer players. Critical. Cheapies are important.

    4. Affiliate Club. Also critical. For top league teams, find someone that you can loan your youngsters to or increase profile. For lower league, it's to find a parent club to grab their youngsters.

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