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Developing players from down the pyramid to make it at the top level?

  1. Developing players from down the pyramid to make it at the top level?


    Aimed at players in the game aged 16-23.

    More and more is the real game becoming about producing or/and developing youth talent and more and more often are these players coming from lower down the pyramid and making it in the Premier League or Championship.

    Players are getting picked out of non league or league 1 and 2 and making it at a much higher level.

    The same applies for young players at leagues with a lesser reputation around the world.

    Players like Sam Clucas at Hull City who started is career in non league, moves to league two then one and now the Championship. With the potential to make it in the Premier League.

    The above is based on football in reality.

    I want to know how archiveable this is within the game? From my experience playing FM a few years ago finding a player from down the football pyramid and developing them to make it at the top level was difficult and improbable.

    Players like Charlie Austin, Dwight Gayle, George Boyd and Jamie Vardy have proved this in reality and I wonder how possible or achievable this is in the game?

    I hope players development and potential isn't stunted merely by the team they play for or the league they are in.

    Same applies for unattached players making it at Championship to League Two clubs.

    Your feedback is welcome and you may disagree with some of the points I have raised.


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  3. Hi, I was going to make a thread about the same topic, you were faster Of course I agree with you. In reality, there are many players from low leagues, that were brilliant in Prem or Champions League. Remember Garry McAllister, he was classic late peaker.. This is another thing I would welcome. In my saves players about 30 years old can't get any better, but in reality there are many of them. Usually in the promoted clubs.. Look at Rickie Lambert.. Where was he few years back?

  4. I agree with you completely. I don't know if I am getting this completely right but I would love to be able to pick up a young player from the lower leagues, non league or even an unattached player and develop them into a good player.

    Yes. Statistically more often than not in the game and even in reality the chances of this happening are unlikely but not impossible.

    There are so many players that start so far down the pyramid and end up making it at some sort of decent level whether that be the Premier League or Championship.

    Like I previously stated. Players like Sam Clucas started at clubs like Nettleham and Jerez Industrial. If all goes well for Hull then next season he's going to be in the Premier League.

    Jamie Vardy goes from Stockbridge Park Steeles only 9 years ago and ends up ripping up the Premier League and breaking records. Yes. Sure Vardy is an extreme example and I wouldn't want to just be able to pick any old non league player and turn them into a top player but surely it is feasible within the game to be able to sign young players from League Two and the Non League or unattached and have them make it at least in the Championship.

    So this is partially a wish for future games. Or a question to fellow players to see if they have ever been able to do this before.

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  5. Dunno about real players but its more likely to happen with regens i have i few youngsters taken from lower leagues who done well in championship and league 1
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