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I keep winning, why?

  1. I keep winning, why?

    I've won back-to-back promotions straight from the Conference North to League 1, and it looks like I'll probably get promotion to the Championship this season. That's not only it: I'm playing with AFC Fylde, which, as you know, are basically the most undeveloped club in English League/Conference football.

    The tactics I'm using I made myself - they are decent but haven't been changed in three seasons, and I've hardly worked overtime on them. I get rid of the vast majority of players at end of season, bringing in new one's - but again, it's not like AFC Fylde have the capability to put forward a class A team, given their wage restrictions and low reputation.

    I'm genuinely wanting a bit more of a challenge, which is why I went with AFC Fylde in the first place!

    Can anybody explain why it's going so well? I'm pretty decent on FM (but not amazing), but it seems too fucking easy to simply put it down to my capabilities.
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  2. Keep it realistic, don't change out more than 5 key players a season, your growth will slow down.

  3. How bout you share that tactic or post some screenshots, bro
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  4. You complaining about being good at FM? Ok.

  5. If it's not broken don't fix it.

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