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Tianjin Quanjian

  1. Tianjin Quanjian

    This Chinese club, Tianjin Quanjian, has over 4 million transfer budget and 3 million wage budget. Anyone knows why is it so unrealistic? It also has a foreground sugar daddy chairman.

  2. With the way Chinese clubs are spending money at the moment, I would say a 4 million transfer budget seems small
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  3. the club is in the 2nd division and this is before the latest signings. also do you know what 3m wage budget means? it translates to over 300m transfer budget!

  4. They signed Geuvanio, Jadson and Luis Fabiano so it's not that unrealistic

    Also the company that owns them would appear to be massive in a money is no problem kind of way
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    Started a career as Asamoah Gyan's club (can't think of the name let alone attempt to spell it) and they have a very reasonable 12 million transfer budget so to think there's a second division club with that kind of money makes me wanna start again!!

    Started a career quickly as Tianjin to see about the budgets and can see it would translate to 300m in transfers if the board allows further expansion
    Tianjin Quanjian-board_-overview-overview.png

    Having dug into the Editor all Chinese clubs have a sugar daddy of some description which is insane. Cannot wait for the January updates to see if they have further riches.
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  6. i also liked the fact that in 2nd division they have so much money but it is too much and unrealistic

  7. I find it funny that the transfer rules are they arent allowed to sign non-chinese goalkeepers. So random

  8. Quote Originally Posted by iamauser View Post
    I find it funny that the transfer rules are they arent allowed to sign non-chinese goalkeepers. So random
    the easiest position to fix match is GK

  9. Hold your horses with the Chinese teams - while they do have a lot of dosh, post January most if not all of them will have filled all their foreign slots with good/great players so all that money will not serve any use at least for a season. And dont forget that in any case they have a maximum quota of 5 (I think) foreigners.

    Plus good luck finding decent chinese players to back them up (their interchangeable -to a non chinese speaker - names wont help too much either).

    Had a Guangshu Evergrande save a couple of versions ago (when it was by far the richest team in China) and it was the most boring I ever had (only lasted one season).

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