An Obsessives Guide to Football Management via Football Manager

  1. An Obsessives Guide to Football Management via Football Manager

    The role of a Football Manager is multifaceted to the extreme.

    Squad management, staff management, player development, the creation and implementation of tactics, training, transfer negotiations and so on…
    If any one of these mechanisms are weak or results aren’t as expected, the blame in 99% of situations will find itself laying squarely on the shoulders of the manager.

    It is my aim throughout this guide to assist players of the Football Manager series in gaining a greater understanding of all aspects involved in taking charge of a football club. From defensive line/pressing combinations, to maintaining and improving a clubs financial situation, to discovering the next Messi/Ronaldo, it’ll all be included.

    The topics I will cover in this guide are:

    (Wages, transfer fees etc.)

    (Youth v experience, attack v defence, money splurging v money pinching etc.)

    Backroom Staff
    (Attribute requirements, responsibilities etc.)

    Squad Management
    (Assessing your squad, rotation, squad size, team training etc.)

    (Team instructions, player instructions, modifying roles etc.)

    Player Development
    (Individual Training, tutoring, retraining positions, preferred moves etc.)

    (Team Talks, meetings, player interactions etc.)

    (Attribute requirements, shortlists, analysing scout reports etc.)

    Transfers & Contracts
    (Loans, permanent deals, clauses, fees etc.)

    Dealing with the board
    (Improving facilities, increasing staff allowances, budgets etc.)

    (In game analysis, stats comparisons with other teams etc.)

    Many of these topics are interlinked and in many cases there’s no way to talk about one issue without referring to another but I’ll attempt to be as concise as possible.


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    I was going to start this guide off with Philosophies (don’t worry we’ll get to those soon enough), but then it hit me; even though everything counts for nothing if you don’t have a philosophy that you’re working towards; a philosophy counts for nothing, unless you have the required resources to back It up. That means MONEY.

    A manager may not have complete control over the finances of a football club, but they do have a huge part to play in generating profits. There is possibly no greater way to ensure the survival and success of a football club than having a firm grip on money coming in and money going out. Maintaining a level of control over your Transfer Fees Received v Transfer Fees Paid, and holding on to some excess Wage Budget could be the difference between years wallowing in mediocrity and soaring to the top of the league.

    Financial control on the part of the manager is more important than ever, especially at clubs with mid-table expectations and lower as these tend to have lesser transfer and wage budgets than the clubs above them.

    One short-term way of manipulating your financial situation is to adjust your budgets by allocating funds from your transfer budget to your wage budgets(in order to afford players with higher wage demands) or vice versa (so that you can afford players with a higher expected transfer fee but lower wage demands)

    To do this: Navigate to the Board screen and drag the ‘Budget Adjustment’ slider towards either the transfer budget or wage budget, resting it at the level that suits your needs best.

    Sometimes this option may not be available due to restrictions from the board. Either way, it’s not an option that will breed long-term success financially.

    I will discuss finances and long-term financial success in greater detail in the Player Development and Transfers & Contracts parts of the guide. Youth Development can save a team big money on squad building; having just one member of the youth team graduate to the senior squad could save a club millions in transfer fees and wages. Transfer & Contract Negotiations however are the departments where a manager can really make an impression with their financial abilities.

    No matter what you want to do as a manager, it is important to think of the possible financial consequences of your decisions


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    What is your philosophy? How do you like to see the game played? Are you a possession freak or a counter-attacking gremlin? How do you like to see a club being run? Do you like seeing clubs splashing out on record transfers with willfull abandon, or do you like to see a club funding it-self from the bottom up, keeping strict budgets and being extremely analytical in all financial matters?

    Your philosophy in football and indeed Football Manager is just that. YOURS! No one can tell you how you feel about the game or how you want to see a team play. That is your philosophy on football and it’s up to you to implement it in Football Manager. That is why you are in the job and not some know-it-all fan who manages the team from behind his laptop screen (Cough!). Do you want to see your players progress from u-18, to u-21, straight through to the senior set-up? Or do you want only the best of ready-made talent to line out for your club? Do you like to see a team that is structurally sound like a Mourinho team(prior to this season) or do you want a team so fluid that the centre backs often spring up in the final third to show the strikers how it’s done? (note: this is poetic licence and a complete exaggeration – trolls get back under your bridge)

    As I said in the last section (Finances), your ability to install your chosen philosophy will depend heavily on the facilities and financial standing at the club. If you’re not blessed with either, then it’s time to start banging on the boardroom door and/or becoming more frugal in your buying and selling.

    From there on, it’s all down to you!

    Good Luck!
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  2. If there are any topics that people would like me to hit on (as well as those mentioned), I'm open to ideas.

  3. Updated with Philosophies!

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