Work Permit feeder team for Rangers

  1. Work Permit feeder team for Rangers

    Any time I ask for a work permit feeder team either the board can't find a suitable side or I can only manually select another UK team, despite having all leagues selected.

    Anyone offer any advice on how I can get around this?

  2. rep do u have? having leagues loaded doesn't matter. I take It your a few seasons into your game n in the prem?

  3. I'm in season 3; won the Championship and Scottish Cup in season 1 and won the Premiership season 2. Now got through to Champions League group stage at start of season 3.

    In terms of reputation what do you mean?

  4. club reputation - continental, national?
    is your team rated above the Belgian teams? is the Scottish prem above Belgian league?

  5. Not sure on club rep but I would imagine it's continental. In terms of the league it's ranked 16th for the 17/18 season so it's pretty high up. Certainly above a fair few European leagues but my Rangers European coefficient is naturally quite low after some time in the lower leagues!

    I've managed to secure Portsmouth as an affiliate club in season 2, just seems to be when I ask for a work permit feeder that nothing happens at all.

  6. Im 6 seasons in and still cant get one, however i have Real Madrid as a parent club which they decided and not me so i get to loan wonderkids for free, only feeder teams i have are Brighton and Raith Rovers lol

    and ive won the championship, scottish cup x3, league cup x4 and the premiership x4 and the europa league.

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