Why has the game so drastically changed the way my favoured tactics work?

  1. Why has the game so drastically changed the way my favoured tactics work?

    I just want to keep this short and sweet, I don't want any ideas on how to change my old tactics as I have made a completely new one for FM 16 in which I am having relative success! My only issue is that I spent a good number of years mastering and researching my old tactic till the point of what I believed to be as close to perfection as I could possibly get. I guess what I'm asking you guys is, have there been any big changes in the way the game has been made or translates tactics this year?

    I am posting this on my phone so screenshots of my old tactics will follow but I have attached a picture of my overall career records from an FM15 save where I played 9 seasons in which I used my tactics with every team I managed. (Leeds, Aston Villa, Manchester United, Barcelona, Atlerico Minerio + Brazil National team)
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  2. The tactics have been updated so you can`t use the same ones.
    I have managed to successfully replicate my tactics and have used the same/similar type for the last 5 games and have always had good results.

  3. Are you asking why have they changed and tried to improve the ME rather than keep it the same?

  4. They've made the M.E and the game more realistic. There's no such thing as playing the exact same tactic all season IRL and being a success. The way a tactic behaves changes in every single game as every game is different.

  5. In FM15 counter attacking was toothless (like so many versions before it) and also AI managers were far too defensive and set up poorly so you got the ball straight back.

    FM16 has adjusted the balance a bit.

  6. Apologies, maybe I worded it wrong. I didn't play the exact same tactic every single game in the previous versions, I had many different strategies, tweaks and PI's (all in a little notepad, yes I am that sad) depending on the opposition weakness/strengths, pitch condition, player form etc but the foundation of the tactic was rarely altered as I believed with the right adjustments each game it worked a treat. Whereas on fm16 I replicated the tactic and watched a good 10-15 games in extended/full highlights to see what is going right/wrong n I applied appropriate tweaks each game and it just looked like I had bought the game for the first time, randomly clicked stuff and hoped for the best Haha! I'm loving the new challenge and difficulty of the game as it is making each win really rewarding and the new tactic I have been working on is really developing. This thread was me just wondering how the ME has been altered exactly so I can understand it all a little bit better and hopefully remaster my old tactic if the ME will allow it!

  7. I love the idea that because something has been altered in the program that it must be better or more realistic. That is an ASSUMPTION.

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