Is this a FM Bug or what...??? HELP!

  1. Is this a FM Bug or what...??? HELP!

    Hello People,
    Sorry I'm gonna have to write some lines, it's just so y'all can get the full idea of what's going on...

    I normally play fm16 on windows 10 but because I was visiting a friend and left my laptop at home, I borrowed his Macbook Pro to play online game (fm16). I played 2 games, first game I won away 3-1 to me. At the end of the match after processing on the news it says I won 6-0 and found out that computer actually recorded it as 6-0 win...I thought that was weird (1st time it ever happened to me in my FM career) but to be sure it wasnt me that was losing it, I wanted to be sure so I continued to next game, Chelsea away which I also won 3-2. Did the normal stuff, pressed continue, processed and when I opened my news it says I lost to Chelsea 3-1... I've tried to search online for answers but couldnt find anything. PLEASE HELP!

    And just to add that I wasnt the game host. My other friend hosts and I usually just join and we've been playing online seasons together since the Championship Manager days and something like this has never ever happened before...


  2. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    I saw reports of that bug happening in single player in FM14.

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