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Full view vs key plays

  1. Full view vs key plays

    Hi there,

    Yesterday I played my first game ever viewing the full game, and not only key plays. The experience was AWESOME for me, not only because I felt absolute control on what my team does for the first time, but also for the results.

    This leads me to a question that I would like you to answer, if possible. Do you think that results vary depending on viewing mode? I mean, if you don't change anything when viewing in full mode. If I win a game 2-0 on "plays only", would the result and the stats be the same if I play it on "full view" without changing a thing?

    Thanks and best regards.
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    But no, seriously. You're getting what you choose to see. On both full or Key, if you did nothing and just let
    it run you'd get the same outcome. This can't be measurably tested since you're trying to compare to a hypothetical.

    Think of real world football. Do the stats and game change depending on weather you watch the full match,
    highlights on Match of the Day, or if you buy a ticket and watch it in the stands? No. The answer is, the stats don't change, your experience of the match changes; but it's events and outcome are the same since the result has already been observed.

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  3. The game is calculated by the ME before you start watching anything, so it doesn't matter what highlights level you choose for the match viewer.
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