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Ryan Giggs Keep or get Rid as the Assistant Manager?

  1. Ryan Giggs Keep or get Rid as the Assistant Manager?

    With all the speculation about the managers job at Man United I got to wondering how many people on starting a United save keep him or get rid and why. Personally I get rid not because I dislike him it's more a case of there are better assistants out there.

  2. First person out for me.

  3. He is useless at the start, but becomes great assistant after couple of seasons. Just a matter of whether you want to wait or get someone else right away.

  4. I kept him until a few games in to the second season.

    We sent down 1-0 at home to someone shit, I forget exactly who. But we played utter garbage and Giggs' recommended Team Talk was to "Praise the players for the effort, they played well but got unlucky"

    Sacked him on the spot. Brought in Tassotti.
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  5. Had 190 PA in my save, so it's up to you -- to wait or not.

  6. Staff grow like the players - I tend to keep backroom staff for the first season and if they haven't done a good job i get rid of them.

  7. I got rid start of 2nd season when Tassotti was available to come

  8. I've just begun my fourth season and he still hasn't grown much, so I wouldn't recommend him. I'm just waiting for his contract to run down now.

  9. Just to let people know on my save he is now manager of Leicester City in the Championship and currently holds 10th spot (2017-18 season), his stats whilst they have improved still aren't brilliant. Mind you I guess non playing staff have longer careers so would be expected to gain experience at a slower rate. I'm still not disappointed to have let him go.

  10. Keep although I am biased as a Utd supporter.

    I allways keep him and he seems to do ok.

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