Help for improving a nation

  1. Help for improving a nation

    I am playing FM for over 4 years and I am bored of the typical saves. I want to try something a bit different.
    I would like to try and make a nation better, by creating new stadiums, improving leagues and teams finances, improving youth rating, etc.
    However, I do not know what things shall I edit. I went to the editor to change Finland but there are too much settings about the country, the teams and the leagues and I don't know what to improve.
    If I fix only the teams' finances the rest will come naturally?
    I would be thankful if anyone helped me by telling me what to change or even do some changes for me
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  2. Nation Ranking, Nation Youth Rating, Club Reputations, League Reputation, will all need increasing.

  3. the nation youth rankings will not improve if the teams and the country perform better?
    and also what do you mean by nation ranking. do you mean 1st, 20th, etc.If it's this, it wont improve if the country performs well in national competitions?

  4. If you want a quick increase via the editor all the above will give you a jump, if you want to build the nation as part of a long term save, just win, only buy Finnish players and coaches, and over time it will all increase as long as you do better and finnish clubs get better around you as you spread money. but this is very very long term.

  5. okay thanks

  6. halooo, i try to make new nation.. which is catalan and basque.. but, i can't edit a defunct nation like C.S.I and Pre Ireland.. although, i try to edit "nation" file in database folder.. is there any change for editor in fm 2016 ? thx

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