Need help with players firness

  1. Need help with players firness

    Alright FM junkies,I rarely play so I got a week off and thought let's have a blast from the past and not sleep for three days ,my problem is season has just started and players are playing 2 games a week but their fitness is 83 mostly so needing to play second string,I look at Chelsea and they fitness is fine,does having individual training cause this to go down I.e coaches saying he be suited to dribble more or needs to train dribbling so I accept,but can't find how I can change the mentality of the individual man city (don't laugh I ain't played it in ages)

  2. Let your players have a rest from training for a week when you have 3 games within a week

  3. So we're talking about Condition?

    If you go to training, you'll see that you can set the Intensity of the team training. You can also select to have rest days, which will help to recover Condition.

    Individual training does add to the workload, so yes, that will also affect things.

  4. i allowed a rest before and after a match and players fitness seem better,i never gave a rest before a match in the past so i didnt in this version but maybe thats one of the changes to this version thanks guys

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