Low attendances in premiership

  1. Low attendances in premiership

    I'm in the 2022/2023 season with my local team Mansfield Town in the premiership, and my stadium capacity is 13.5k yet it hardly sells out even though that is such a low capacity for the premier league, why is this happening? I was in the europa league last year, and champions league this year and its not selling out

    I am getting a new stadium built which will be ready in 2023 and hopefully this will fix it.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

  2. I remember reading that the size of the town affects the size of the crowd. If that's right (I have no idea whether it is), it may be that there just aren't enough people in Mansfield to fill the stadium. I imagine a club in that situation would just issue more away tickets though.

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  3. The population of Mansfield is 99k, I'm pretty sure I should be filling a 13k stadium when I'm 2nd in the premiership and playing champions league football.

  4. well the council have cancelled my stadium being built... it started being built in 2020 and was due to be finished november 2023, i am in june 2023 after just winning the premier league whilst losing in the champions league final. How the hell has this happened? They cancel it just 5 months before I move in, when it would already have been completed by now???

  5. I think attendances depends on your team "reputation", the higher your reputation the higher attendances

  6. I have 4.5 stars, if not 5 star rep now after reaching the champions league final... I left Mansfield to join PSG but this is not over!!

  7. did you checked the reputation of Mansfield Tow when you got promoted in in the premier league?

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