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The scourge of player solidarity

  1. The scourge of player solidarity

    First game of FM16 and mid way through the January transfer window and Bastian Schweinsteiger decides he wants to return to Germany. I promise to try and help him, try to sign one of his favoured players and manage to arrange for Mario Gotze to join on a free in the summer.

    End of the transfer window and he decides that I have broken a promise. Every single one of my other players was supportive of him and their morale will not now go above Fairly Poor. I've shipped him off to Germany on a leave of absence for a month, so Schweinsteiger's morale is now Superb, but the rest of my squad are shipping goals like nobody's business and I still have 9 games before Schweinsteiger is back.

    So harsh!

  2. You kind did broke that promise cause if I'm right you promise sign player in THAT window so he has to come into team in THAT transfer window not in next summer like now.
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  3. I can see that, except that my "promise" was to try and bring someone in and didn't have any specifics about timing.

    Just hoping that it will resolve when he gets back, although it will be a long three weeks until then.

  4. they're often unhappy about great players coming in for terrible B-team players, best thing is to avoid making such promises. Be tough and make sure to have at least 2 yrs left on players contracts. they get over themselves after a while.
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  5. something similar happened to me, just give it some time and their morale will back to normal

  6. it just happened again, this is my RB wanting to play more games..
    The scourge of player solidarity-want-play.jpg

    and I simply told him the other RB (timisela) was in the form of his life.. and voila
    The scourge of player solidarity-want-play-2.jpg

    even tho timisela is playing rather average, worse than his avg so far this season.. still didn't matter, unhappy player doesnt seem to know/care.
    The scourge of player solidarity-form.jpg
    (sorry for the horrible paint-job)

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