Why are Barcelona playing defensively against me?

  1. Why are Barcelona playing defensively against me?

    I'm in my second season with Liverpool and came up against Barcelona in the group stages of the champions league after coming 2nd in the league last season. I expected to get hammered but when the formations came up before the game I noticed they were playing a very defensive formation. As such, they played incredibly defensive and counter-attacking football(poorly).

    Why are Barcelona of all teams playing defensively? To be fair it was a home tie but still, it's Barcelona?! It's not like I won the league in my first season and I didn't win the Europa League. Seems incredibly unlikely.

    Why are Barcelona playing defensively against me?-.pngWhy are Barcelona playing defensively against me?-mf.png

  2. It looks really weird... Do you remember who was Barcelona's manager?

  3. In my second season at Leicester when I faced them in the second round of the CL thats how they lined up as well against me in both matches.

    2-2 at home (I came back from 2-0 in the last 7 minutes) 1-1 away so they beat me.

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      Diane Simmons (sighs): Ghostbusters, Tom.
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    I've also had experience of Barcelona setting up in this manner against me in the Champions League...They always seem to beat me mind you lol

  5. I noticed that many top AI managers use this approach in FM16 and I’d say this formation is quite popular

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