Home Grown and future transfer

  1. Home Grown and future transfer

    Trying to get to grips with home grown status and there seems to be a lot of misinformation:

    Loaning players out doesn't seem to stop them gaining home grown at club (player signed in Jan 2017 with a loan back agreement still has a trained at club date three years from the signing date).

    However, I have just agreed a transfer for a young player and he doesn't come to the club for ages; it is currently March 2017 and he arrives at the club in Jan 2019. Anyone got experience of this and will it count as a year of his trained at club time, given that he has signed a contract?

    He'll be 18 and 2 months then, so would miss the home grown tag if it doesn't...

  2. It won't count unfortunately, which is why you very rarely see Brazilian players home-grown in England, unless they came through an English clubs academy due to a feeder.

  3. He needs to be actually AT the club to count as home-grown FOR the club.

  4. His HG status is tied to his work permit, not his club contract. He has to be playing/working in that country/club.

  5. He's Serbian and was granted a work permit, so it may have started now?

  6. Jan 2019 - it'll start then

  7. Hmmm... it looks weird because he should get "Home Grown" status in that case

  8. He has to have actually moved to the club for the process to start

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Nite View Post
    He's Serbian and was granted a work permit, so it may have started now?
    You seem to have missed the important part - he needs to be at the club. When he is at the club, the count will start.

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