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I want the processing to be interrupted less

  1. I want the processing to be interrupted less

    Hello guys,

    it's been a while since I posted here and played FM as well. I bought FM 2016 after not playing the game for years because I'm 2 weeks home due to an operation and I got bored
    I like the game a lot but the only thing that frustrates me is that when I press continue, it gets interrupted the next day because there is some unimportant news. I basically want the game to procces as far as possible (best case scenario would be until the next game) and then I can read all the news. I unsusbcribed to all news in [inbox=> subscriptions] but I still keep receicing a lot of news I don't really want to read.

    What can be done?

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Go on holiday until the next game, at the bottom there should be an option that says "return from holiday on date" and then you can click the drop down menu and select next match
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