Wage restrictions in Russia please help

  1. Wage restrictions in Russia please help

    I am managing a team in the 2nd division of Russia and I cannot sign a player. When my transfer offer is accepted, when it comes to negotiate with the player his agent tells that "the maximum wage allowed due to competition rules is too low for an agreement to be reached".


    I have no idea why this happens and I cannot find anything on the league's rules about wage restrictions. There are also other teams in the division that have a bigger wage budget than me.
    Anyone knows what's the problem? Please help.

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  2. How are your finances? Most likely they are currently quite bad or projected to be quite bad so Board is stopping you from bankrupting the club ...

  3. the team was taken by a tycoon, i have 20m transfer budget and 150 000 wage budget.
    i believe it's something having to do with the league, but i do not find anything on the rules

  4. On the SI forum they said that the Russian first division has a salary cap, but the rules weren't showing it. Could be the same here.

  5. I can confirm that the 1st and the 2nd Russian division has a salary because I encounter the same issue when was trying to buy a player

  6. i moved my manager from my team to zenit in the first russian division to check if the same exists there but it seems like in the top division there is no salary cap as i could pay a player up to 200 000 per week.
    most likely in the 2nd division there is a max of 850 per week olny for new signings as you are able to pay a player more than this amount if you renew his contract

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