Tracking the development and values of players?

  1. Tracking the development and values of players?


    I want to be able to check the improvements or regressions that a player might have and wanted to know if there is a way to check how much their stats have changed. I am aware of the green and red arrows next to their attributes stating any changes but I want to know how they have developed over 3 months. 6 months, a year etc etc

    I know I could screenshot each player but that would take a long time to do and wouldn't be that convenient either.

    1. My first question is. Are there any in game ways to compare the attribute changes of a player?
    (if not, why not. It seems like a very useful feature to have)

    My second question kind of follows on from the first question. I want to be able to check the changing values of players and then compare that to different times in the season and over multiple years. I know you can obviously check the value of players in the player history section but I believe this is only when they have gone through a transfer. (and transfer fees can vary from the players value).

    2. Can I check players value changes in game? For example- could I toggle between different season to see what the players value was in that season?

    15/16 Player value £5m
    16/17 Player value £7.5m
    17/18 Player value £12m

    I am asking to see if there are ways of doing this that don't require screenshots or using the notes.


  2. As for the first question, if you click training, if then you click finishing or any attribute, you can see how it has changed through months or years. At your second question I think the answer is no!

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