How do you plan for the next season during the current season? (Avoiding panic buys)

  1. How do you plan for the next season during the current season? (Avoiding panic buys)


    I find myself excited to get to the end of the season so that I can bring in some new signings, offload deadwood, offload players who don't fit my philosophy, offload high earners who don't represent good value and bring in some young players to develop.

    The closed season especially after my first season in charge is very important as I can put my stamp on the club a lot more. In the first season it is difficult to overhaul as you can't shift players on easily and you can lose a lot of value if you try and force moves. It can also be frustrating as you can't play exactly how you would like to because you don't have the squad in place to play how you want. Therefore you can understand the excitement of the first summer transfer window.

    However. I find that excitement short lived and find the closed season quite a difficult and erratic. In which I think I have a good action plan and then I quickly realise I don't. Before I know it the window has closed and I end up missing out on targets, panic buying and still being short in different areas of the squad.

    I was hoping for some tips for planning and having a successful closed season.

    1. I have no idea what the transfer budget for the next season is going to be making it hard to plan. Sometimes ending up with way less than I thought I may get.

    2. Not knowing the asking prices of clubs also makes it very difficult. I may require 5/6 signings and think I have enough money to cover the costs. However. For example - I put a bid in on a player whose value is £2m and the club want £22m. They aren't exact numbers but you get what I mean by the extortionate price hike.
    (I personally think this is slightly a problem with FM as in doesn't entirely reflect IRL - transfer budgets aren't large enough in context to how much prices can be hiked on players.)

    3. I then tend to panic buy and the action plan goes out of the window. I could then end up with players that don't make the grade and just make up the numbers. Sat there on usually a multi year contract. Resentful of them being there, I rarely play them.

    4. When is the best time to sell a player? I find that sometimes bids come into the club before the budgets for the next season have been revealed. Therefore. I could sell a player for £25m and can have a large chuck of that sat in the kitty, then the next season ticks over with the new budgets and that money is taken away and a new budget is released. Sometimes less than the money that was previously in the kitty.

    It also makes me think, what was the budget going to be had that player not been sold. I tend to believe it would have been exactly the same.

    Meaning that I am down a player and don't have the funds available to replace him and also improve the squad.

    So any tips?


  2. You should try creating a club dna if you have yet to do it. For eg, I tried to look for players with fixed attributes(13-15 work rate, team work, decision and etc) no matter what their roles or positions are.

    As for selling of players, you can try offering them once you are given the new budget. AI clubs will also have money.

  3. Have a look here for my tips/ideas:


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