Developing a nation

  1. HortySlayer

    Developing a nation

    Hey guys just a quick question on developing a nation, I'm managing in Poland and want to make the league one of the biggest reps in the game, I know how that all works with coefficients etc, was just wondering if when your league becomes one of the top ones if it's possible for your league to get tv deals etc like the prem to make more money?

  2. DaSiimM's Avatar DaSiimM
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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that once the league rank/rep gets high enough, better tv deals and such will follow, thus generating more income to the league.

  3. Hi, I just wanted to ask same question . But in addition I would like to ask if players values rise with better league reputation? I mean on start polish league player's value is max 5,5 mln euro, is it possible to make it higher with better league reputation?

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