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Increase Maximum Wage Available

  1. Increase Maximum Wage Available

    Not sure if i'm missing something really obvious, but I can only offer a maximum of £4k/week to a player even if they're a Key Player, First Team, Rotation or even Hot Prospect.

    I'm well under my wage budget and have £84k/week available.

    It's not making a massive difference to me at the moment, but it means that when some of my best players who are on the £4k limit are nearing the end of their contracts I wont be able to offer them a higher amount.

    For example, i've got a player who's on a £9k contract that was in place before I took charge of the club, and he only has a year left on it.

    Is there a way to change the wage structure so for example I can offer a Key Player £6k and First team £4.5k etc?

  2. Board request lets you alter the wage structure.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Nite View Post
    Board request lets you alter the wage structure.
    Ah ok, I thought that was just to alter the budget in general. i.e. to get them to offer more money to the total wage budget rather than structurally. i'll give it a go, cheers Nite.

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