FM Feast Twitch Stream (Viktoria Poznan)

  1. HortySlayer

    FM Feast Twitch Stream (Viktoria Poznan)

    Hey guys, me and a friend have started our own Twitch stream called FM Feast! We have been playing FM for the last 10 years or so and decided we'd love to stream and share our knowledge with people and have some fun!

    The career we are playing at the moment is known as Viktoria Poznan, I'm playing as Lech Poznan, my friend Viktoria Plzen and we are trying to build our league's up to be amongst the best in the game. We'd love for you to come and watch the stream, hang out with us and have a laugh. We hope to see you guys soon!

    Please come check out the stream at
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  2. HortySlayer
    Stream is live at

  3. Football Manager on twitch.....

    Here you go we have a fm on twitch thread.

  4. HortySlayer
    You know that's another guys twitch thread ...

  5. HortySlayer
    Stream will be live tonight at 8PM, lech Poznan shirt has arrived!

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