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    Has anyone ever done a save with Mainz 05? If so, any tips on signings and how to dethrone Bayern and Dortmund and do well in Europe?

  2. im in second season of my schalke save,finished runner up behind bayern 1st season.Very tough to topple bayern

  3. Try to get Julian Brandt from Bayer Leverkusen, either permanently or on loan. I had him on loan at Everton in the Championship during season 4 and he was excellent. He's a right winger.

    Set your first target on becoming the 3rd best team in Germany, ahead of Schalke, Leverkusen, Stuttgart and the rest. That should take a couple of seasons but you'll be improving your squad with each transfer window and in the meantime, build up your youth academy and get your backroom sorted out so that every area of training is being covered by a specialist and the workloads are manageable. Sign young players with excellent potential to go with the best of your youth academy products and supplement that with the occasional big money mega signing. It will take a while, but you'll be able to overcome Dortmund and even Bayern, eventually.

  4. HortySlayer
    Never done a save with them but it sounds like it would be an interesting one

  5. Niklas Stark. Awesome cheap cb. A must for the league.

    Mainz must have a decent squad cos they always seem to do very well when managed by AI ..

  6. You might dethrone Dortmund but Bayern? It's not that possible with Mainz. Maybe in a long term save mate..

  7. Of course it will be long term! No chance of dethroning Bayern immediately!

  8. I managed to dethrone Dortmund and Bayern after about 5/6 seasons after building a decent squad. I was buying good players for relatively low fees and selling them off after 1 wonderful season, Simone Zaza cost me about £12m and scored 34 goals so I sold him for £38m to Everton.
    I recommend Ante Coric, at 23 he was regularly assisting 20+ per season.

  9. With Hoffenheim i came 2nd to dortmund first season then won the league second season so its doable with mainz relatively quickly.

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