Picking a feeder club?

  1. Picking a feeder club?

    So IM in my second season as Bournemouth struggling to stay in the league again even after a nice transfer haul. Ive requested a feeder club for financial purposes and the board have agreed and want me to pick. This was the top of the list by current rep
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    No big money countries like USA etc. There are some Indian teams which if I remember correctly can be good for merch benefits. So my options are
    Link with Kaiser Chiefs of South Africa as they are probably the highest rep and most successful of all the clubs on the list.
    Link with the highest rep English team which will be one of the teams in league 1.
    Link with the highest rep Indian team in the hope it generates merch like China/USA.
    Link with my local Irish side for the craic
    In all seriousness what do you guys think is the best option. Id like to link with Limerick FC to see my local team become successful but need to sort finances first and foremost.

    Can I choose a team not on their list of is it likely to be rejected?

  2. HortySlayer
    I'd go for one that you don't have any scouting knowledge of that country or they have great youth facilities

  3. Of your options, which would benefit the club you're managing most? The merch money, the good young regens they could produce, or a place to send your own youngsters for first team experience?

  4. At the moment I have a nice belgian side to secure work permits and give players decent comp. Problem was looking for merch money but didnt know what were the best countries outside of the obvious

  5. Outside of the US and Asia? Hmm... I once had a Brazilian feeder who earned me some merchandise benefits, but that wasn't on 16.

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