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Players wanting massively reduced wages.

  1. Players wanting massively reduced wages.

    Just taken over at Sheffield Wednesday in 2018, with them relegated to League One. Most players, understandably, want out and I'm in the process of offloading as many unhappy players as possible.

    But players that aren't unhappy are wanting new contracts with huge decreases in wage. I've included an example, of keeper Kieran Westwood. He was on £22k, but is now quite happy to sign for £10,500. I know IRL players have been known to take wage cuts, but this isn't normal is it?

    Players wanting massively reduced wages.-oddness.png

  2. Hehe, I wouldn't complained if it were a bug
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  3. It certainly helped! Though it takes away from the back and forth of contract negotiations somewhat, and that's one of the most satisfying parts of the game for me.

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