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  1. Laptop for FM

    So I've been out of the FM scene for a while due to my laptop deciding to stop working almost a year ago. I decide to not buy a new laptop quickly as there was a lot of stuff I was busy with. However I'm looking at getting a new laptop (hopefully today as I write this) and I want to get back into FM. Only problem is I'm unsure what laptop to get and I don't want to spend loads of something where I'm just going to be playing FM on it.

    I searched for a laptop and found the Lenovo IdeaPad 100s for £120 and I like the price and all the specs, however, I am unsure if this will run FM for me. The specs are:

    Processor: Intel Atom Z3735F Quad Core 1.33 GHz/1.83 GHz 2MB Cache

    Memory: 2GB RAM DDR3L

    Storage: 32GB eMMC (I have found out I can buy an SD card for more storage)

    if someone could could help me out if this is a good laptop to buy it would be much appreciated.

    thanks guys

  2. there's a good thread about it on the official SI forum, go and check it

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