Utilizing a B/II Team

  1. Utilizing a B/II Team

    I've searched all around and couldn't really find much for this, but... how do you get the most out of your B-team? I'm playing with Stuttgart and having played almost exclusively with English teams, the B/II teams are at a higher level than a typical U21 squad, correct? They're real games vs friendlies. Do I manage them the same as I would a U21?Do I send the player there, or just keep them on my A-team to control the tutoring/training and just make them "available for 90 minutes" for the B-team?

  2. I see only one purpose for U21 and B-team is helping to get match fitness for my players that don't have a chance to play in the main team... that's all

  3. I use the B/2nd team for both young players and the odd 1st team players lacking match fitness.

  4. But dont you have to register players to play for B Team? In Portugal at least you do ..

  5. for U21 Team you don't have to register players

  6. Quote Originally Posted by MANUMAD View Post
    But dont you have to register players to play for B Team? In Portugal at least you do ..
    Not in the norwegian league, no, only 25 players for the 1st team. It's quite normal for norwegian teams to let their u19 players play for the 2nd team, no registration needed even tho they are playing in the official league, 3-4th tier usually (rule says there has to be 2 divisions between 1st and 2nd team unlike Spain where B-sides can play in Segunda.)

  7. I don't observe that my players improve when they play in the reserve/U21/B team

  8. My B team has just been promoted into League 2 in Eng. so they are no playing a decent level, but it wasn't much use before then except for the 15/17 yrs olds, i;m now getting at least to the U21 in competitive levels, as well as decent bids on ones that will never make them prem. Just offloaded a 19yr midfielder for 12mil into the championship. Its making good money for the 1st team as well as star wonderkids (4 in the first team this season).

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