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I hate this game

  1. I hate this game

    So after many years of loving the game and eagerly awaiting the new version. I have reached my wits end.... I hate Football Manager. I hate having all the possession and all the chances and still getting beat. I hate how an average keeper becomes Neuer when we roll into town, I hate how after 10 shots on target to their 2 it's 2 all.

    I am now playing not because I want to , but because I hate the game so much each result I somehow manage to conjure up is a middle finger to the game engine..

    To re-iterate I hate this game

    Thank you ..... rant over

  2. Feel better?

  3. Post your frustration/rage

    Or learn how to be a better manager. Simple.

    Here's a classic quote from wwfan, for instance:

    Thanks to OPTA stats and The Guardian, we have exact knowledge of how often a team wins when having more possession (57%) and more shots (71%). Even if you always dominate the shot count, over a 60 match season you should expect to fail to win circa 18 times. Obviously, you will win some matches very easily. The key to being good at FM is not those matches, but reducing this 30-40% figure to one that will ensure you win some trophies.
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  4. I apologise for using the wrong thread.

    The quote about dominating and still losing is an interesting one. Though the comment about learning how to be a better manager was uncalled for.

    I am always trying to be better, it's not like this is my first football manager game. Next time i'll keep my issues to myself. sorry for wasting your time
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