What is wrong with my team

  1. What is wrong with my team

    Can someone assess my team and my tactics and tell me what is wrong with my team.What is wrong with my team-20160621182819_1.jpgWhat is wrong with my team-20160621182815_1.jpgWhat is wrong with my team-20160621182805_1.jpg

  2. You've downloaded a tactic, so if it's not 'working', download another one.

  3. Have you tried changing the team shape to "Very Fluid"?

  4. These are my team instructions. Could you recommend a good man utd tactic?What is wrong with my team-20160621223741_1.jpg

  5. All your wide players on attacking (both wingback and inside forwards)

    Also both cm set as attacking creating alot on congestion in the middle when your inside forwards try to cut inside and both CM push up.

    So basically, when your attack breaks down you literally only have 3 players defending and given you're playing as United, most teams will sit back and try to counter you.

    You need to create more of a balance between attack and defend. Try dropping Cwb to FB. Set one CM to support and maybe put the other as a AP or similar playmaker role

  6. None of your players are in their preferred positions/roles, so from the get-go you're prone to not getting the very best out of them. Go through them, find out what role they each prefer and build your tactics to get as many of your best players playing in their preferred roles as possible. You'll need to tweak and compromise a little, but this will improve them.

    In the central midfield three, I have found that when you dominate possession, it's better to have your combative midfielder in the CM row, where he can get stuck into the opposition's midfield that little bit higher up the pitch, with a Deep Lying Playmaker in the DM position - to effectively quarterback the ball out to your men in space on the flanks.

    I'd look to play Luke Shaw as a Full Back_Attack behind Memphis Depay on Inside Forward_Support. This will create space on the flanks for Shaw to run into. Tell him to cross more often, from the byline and wherever you want him to target his crosses.

    If you have the right sided Inside Forward on attack mode, the CWB or FB behind him doesn't need to be on attack as well. He's not going to get forward quickly enough from his defensive position to take part in the first wave attack. But if the attack stalls and the ball is moved sideways, a full back on support mode will offer width to get the second wave attack up-and-running without completely forgetting about his defensive responsibilities.

  7. When using a winger tactic, it is vital to clarify what you want your wide players to do. Since you play as utd, chances are 99% of teams will sit back and defend. Which means the final third is heavily congested. Thus, throwing in the winger and full back to get forward on both means that it will congest the attacking third and with your complete attacking focus, counters must be a real pain to handle.
    Switching both wide players to insider forwards and teaching them the PPM Cut Inside from X wing will improve your chances. Also train your full backs to Get Forward Whenever Possible.
    This will mean your wide forwards will drag wide defenders into the centre, opening space for your full backs to charge upfield and cross.
    Also, have atleast 2 midfielders on defensive/support roles at all times. Or they will be overrun by the opposition.

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