Goalkeeper won't distribute to defenders

  1. Goalkeeper won't distribute to defenders

    I am QPR in the first season and play a 3-5-2. They have the players ideal for the system plus I love this formation as it always allows for distribution from the Goalkeeper to the defence as you generally have an extra man in starting play from the back.

    The problem is, regardless of if I select Smithies or Green they just boot the ball upfield as soon as they get the ball. I have set goalie distribution to:

    Roll it out/short kicks
    Slow pace down
    Distribute to specific defender/centre backs

    I have also tried all team mentalities from Counter to Attacking and this makes no difference. I have also set shorter passing in team instructions. I haven't tried 'retain possession' yet but I don't want to do this as a team instruction as I want to be more direct once the play reaches the midfield.

    In an ideal world I want to start play from the back to draw the opposition out then play more direct once I get into midfield. I don't want to keep wasting possession and gifting the opposition the ball!!

    Thanks for looking and thank you in advance for any advice as this is spoiling what is a promising and enjoyable save!

  2. Maybe your cbs are closed down/tightly marked so he has no option than to hoof it up?

    Also how familiar is your team with the tactics?

  3. The cbs are closed down but that is due to the fact that when the keeper claims the ball (save or catch) he instantly just boots it up to my tall striker (who is et as Def Forward so not TM and encouraging this kind of hoof) and doesn't give them chance to find space.

    The team are not familiar yet. Most parts are just competent so do think this will improve with tactic familiarity?

  4. take fewer risky passes as PI for the goalie maybe?
    I have the same "problem" with 1 of mine, he wants to start counter attacks but really suck at it
    slow pace down must be ticked with fewer risky, I distribute to fullbacks in a 442.

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