Leagues you load.

  1. Leagues you load.

    As FM17 approaches I'm looking to do a few things different, mainly the leagues I load. At the moment I have so many leagues loaded its pointless, so my question is, what leagues do you have loaded and what determines this.
    Do you load them for Regens, hoping to managing there, because they are near to where your managing at the moment or because of wonderkids.
    I'm managing in Portugal and it seems pointless to have all of Europe loaded when I should just have a few nations and load all the South American countries.

  2. I load them all. It means those clubs are much more active in the transfer market and I can manage anywhere.

  3. You should load each and every one of them. Just set the ones you're not interested in to view-only.

    The ones I set to playable are like top 6-8 European leagues, Argentina, Brazil and maybe a couple more I might be interested in managing at some point.

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    England, Italy, Germany, France, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Ireland. Scotland, Serbia and Croatia. This gives me a huge player base in Europe and means the best coaches/scouts are available.

    Also load Brazil, Chile, South Africa, China and USA so I can pick up scouting knowledge from there too.

    After a season I unload bar the top 4 leagues in Europe. This speeds the game up and allows all the wonderkids to make their moves to big clubs

  5. Wow... I really need a new computer! If I load more than 4-5 view-only leagues my laptop runs hot and shuts down while the game is processing/simulating other games..

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