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Issue with players having low transfer(base) values

  1. Issue with players having low transfer(base) values


    (First all the currency values are €)

    I'm on my 3rd season with Schalke and despite winning the Champions League last season, The Fifa Club World Cup and being national champions in all the seasons, my players aren't valued that highly.

    For instance some values:

    Sime Vrsaljko - averaging 8.50+ rating in all seasons he only has a 16.75M market value

    Marko Pjaca - been a beast last 2 seasons scoring more than 30 goals in both and even when clubs approach me to buy him they never offered more than 29M (he is valued at 24M)

    Leroy Sané - Similar to Pjaca is valued at 25.5M

    I have saves in other leagues (even arguably lesser powerful leagues than the german) in which this problem didnt occur and I could steadily have players with values surrounding 40-50M in some cases even reaching 60M.

    Can anyone tell me if they have a clue what the problem might be? (Can it be because they aren't "Key Players")

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    I don't see what your issue is?

    It's not like you're going to be selling what seems to be your 3 best players...

    So what if their value doesn't represent what you value them at? You're in the German league, not traditionally one of the biggest clubs and to be honest the player values seem pretty fair. It's only really in England you get inflated fees, much like in real life
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  3. Pretty sure value mostly comes down to reputation. Reputation of the individual player, the club, and the league. My guess is that you have moved Schalke to #2 in Germany behind Bayern but not ahead of them in reputation? And that the Bundesliga hasn't moved up in league reputation above Spain or England? Moving the club and league up would certainly help. But beyond that, its just the individual player reputation.

    Taking a look at Germany in my current save, those values you mentioned are relatively similar to many of Dortmund's players. And quite a few of Bayern's players even.

    And club's typically lowball you when they initially make an offer. Its a starting point.
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  4. How I'd look at that is if an AI club came in with an offer, the values you posted would be the starting point, they shouldn't be bidding any less than those and you even said Pjaca is valued at 24 and a clubs offered 29.

  5. It is very uncommon for big AI clubs to offer a sum of money vastly in excess of the player's game-calculated-value. They normally offer up to £10m more to start with and then you negotiate upwards. Every time I've sold someone for £50m+ the starting bid has been no more than £30m.

    And yes the game-calculated-value depends on the combined reputation of the player, the club and the league (as well as ability and performance, obviously).

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